Discover the Best Free Online Gaming Card Games

Although I am a huge fan of playing cards and other board games, I often run into two problems. My first problem is I rarely have the time to play. My second problem would be not having the people to play when I’m ready to play. Now with the invention of the Internet, anything’s possible. Now I have the ability to play card games online. I can play anytime I want and don’t need additional players. So the next thing would be to find games to play. In this article you will discover two of the best free online card games available.

The first one I will discuss is UNO. This classic fun loving game is suitable for all ages. Some gaming sites will have UNO in two modes. You could play a single hand game or a competitive four-person computer controlled game. The online version is just like the version you grew up playing including: skip card, reverse card, and the loved and hated draw four cards. This never gets old or boring. This is truly a fun family online game.

The next game I will mention is Addiction Solitaire. This is solitaire at its addicting state. This game will have you hooked for more game play. Although addicting, this game has proven to be somewhat challenging as in this game you are only able to shuffle three turns. The game requires you to plan your moves but provides endless enjoyment.

These are two of the best free online gaming card sites I have played. Playing cards online is very easy and it offers the opportunity to make friends online. You’re not obligated to play and you can stop playing anytime just by turning off the computer.

World of Warcraft – Prepaid Game Cards

Online gaming is increasing rapidly. Technology has changed quite a bit since the days of Pac Man. You can still enjoy this 1980 classic but it sure isn’t like the games of today. Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games or MMORPG like World of Warcraft and Runescape bring in billions of dollars in revenue worldwide.

Online Games such as World of Warcraft connect 11 million members worldwide into a fantasy land based in Azeroth where gold can be made, guilds can be formed, and questing and leveling to the top is part of the overall goal.

World of Warcraft has released two expansion packs since it’s release in 2004. The first expansion The Burning Crusade was released in the beginning of 2007 and their second expansion Wrath Of Lich King was released in November 2008.

To participate in this MMORPG by Blizzard Entertainment, you are required to pay for monthly game play. This can be done with PayPal, credit cards, and pre-paid game cards. Some offers give you a free trial period so you can test the game out before you commit to the $14.99 monthly fee. First you have to buy the full version of World of Warcraft and the expansion packs to get through all levels from 1-80.

Make sure you have the system requirements on your PC or MAC to enjoy the World Of Warcraft Game, this would include:

PC Requirements:

Windows XP or Vista/ 4X CD-ROM drive
Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP 1500 +1300 MHZ
32 MB 3D Video Gard
-Broadband Internet Connection
512 MB or more of RAM ( I GB if Vista is installed)

Macintosh Requirements:

MAC OS X 10.4.11 or newer
PowerPC G% 1.6 GHz or Intel Core Duo Processor
3D graphics processor with hardware transform and lighting-64 MB VRAM
1 GB Memory

Pre-paid game cards are usually bought in 30 or 60 day increments. A 60 day game card will usually cost around $29.99.

A pre-paid game card is one of the best forms of protection for online gaming since you do not have to reveal any financial information that may be vulnerable to online hackers. The game card for World of Warcraft works like most pre-paid cards, which are very easy to use. Scratch the back of the card which reveals a code and you enter the code into your online gaming account to enjoy 30 to 60 days of unlimited game play. This is great for people under eighteen who are not eligible for a credit card, and also for people who want to manage their finances without incurring any credit card debt.

Ultimate Game Card

If you have a passion for online games then you will come across a wide assortment of online games these days. These games are not only popular among the teenagers, but you will also find many middle aged as well as young people playing these games. Since, the price of games have increased considerably during the recent years, the best alternative is to go for an ultimate game card.

There are many advantages of using these card, like users are allowed to play multiple games, without paying more. There is absolutely no need to buy these expensive games, when these game cards offer you plenty of gaming opportunities. You can also add or convert the points with this gaming card.

Since, ultimate gaming cards are available online; you need not spend too much time in searching them. Ultimate game cards are thrifty and very good pleasure to the customers.

You can play a lot of games using these gaming cards. You can also play games on popular social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook using this card.

You just need to load the ultimate game card with a specified amount and you can play games to a whole lot of sites. These cards come with a code and you just need to enter these codes on various websites.
Many websites on web are providing you these cards free of cost. Thus, without spending any amount you will be able to get hold of these free ultimate cards. However, you should investigate thoroughly before you buy these cards.

These cards are the world’s best selling pre-paid gaming cards. There is no other card gaming card that provides the international reach and brand awareness of the ultimate game card. It not only delivers superior customer satisfaction but also increase your marketing footprint.